NJ Beach Hotel | Wildwood NJ <body> <p>ATTRACTIONS<br> &nbsp;<br> The Wildwoods on the Jersey Cape has everything for a perfect family vacation.<br> <br> The Wildwood area has a variety of events, attractions and activities for the young and old. <br> Starting with 5 miles of massive <a href="#Beach">Beaches</a> on the Atlantic coastline where you can play beach volleyball, horseshoes, bocce or just take quiet moonlit walks relaxing while listening to the surf gently lapping the pristine sandy shore. </p> <p><a href="#LOCAL">Attractions</a>&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="">Events &amp; Activities</a>&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="">Wildwood Boardwalk Map</a></p> <p>Fabulous restaurants and foods for every mood. A <a href="#Boardwalk"> Boardwalk</a> for pure fun that is 2 miles long.</p> <p>Go back to the 1950&#39;s at <a href="#Cool_Scoops_Ice_Cream_Parlor">Cool Scoop&#39;s Ice Cream Parlor</a><br> <br> In the Wildwoods we offer <a href="#Bicycling">Bicycling</a>, Recreation Centers, Public Boat ramps, and several <a href="#LOCAL">Historic and Cultural attractions</a>. At night there are numerous nightclubs for dancing and fun including the <a href="#Casba_Comedy_Club">Casba Comedy Club</a>, presenting Las Vegas style entertainment.<br> <br> There are numerous boats that make daily trips for fishing and sightseeing. You can also go BOWLING at the Wildwood Bowling Alley, 3400 New Jersey Ave., 609-729-0111. <br> You can spend a day at the 128 acre <a href="#Cape_May_County_Park_and_Zoo"> Cape May County Park and Zoo</a>, or experience 18th Century Cape May County life in <a href="#Historic_Cold_Spring_Village">Historic Cold Spring Village</a>, and for those naturalists there is the <a href="#Wetlands_Institute"> Wetlands Institute</a>, <a href="#Leamings_Run_Gardens">Leamings Run Gardens</a>, <a href="#Cape_May_Bird_Observatory">Cape May Bird Observatory</a> and the <a href="#Hereford Inlet Lighthouse and Coast Guard Tower">Hereford Inlet Lighthouse</a>. <br> <br> All Aboard - Cape May Seashore lines now has train service to <a href="#Victorian_Cape_May">Victorian Cape May</a>, <a href="#Historic_Cold_Spring_Village">Historic Cold Spring Village</a>, and to the <a href="#Cape_May_County_Park_and_Zoo">Cape May County Park and Zoo</a>. Call 884-2675 for train &amp; ticket information.<br> <br> If you like some top entertainment and maybe do some gambling, the <a href="#Atlantic City Casinos">Atlantic City Casinos</a> are a great choice. <br> The family can catch the Cape May-Lewes Ferry to Delaware. Once off the ferry you can take a trolley to the outlet malls. For details &amp; costs call 1-800-64-FERRY. </p> <table style="width: 100%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" class="style1"> <tr> <td> <p><a name="LOCAL">LOCAL</a> A ATTRACTIONS<br> <br> <a href="#Boardwalk">Boardwalk</a><a href="#Beach"><br> Beach</a><a href="#Bicycling"><br> Bicycling</a><a href="#Cool_Scoops_Ice_Cream_Parlor"><br> Cool Scoops Ice Cream Parlor</a><a href="#Casba_Comedy_Club"><br> Casba Comedy Club</a><a href="#Silver_Bullet"><br> Silver Bullet</a></p> </td> <td> <p>HISTORIC &amp; CULTURAL <br> <br> <a href="#Hereford_Inlet">Hereford Inlet Lighthouse And Coast Guard Tower</a><a href="#DOO_WOP_Preservation_League"><br> DOO WOP Preservation League</a><a href="#Wildwood_Crest_Historical_Museum"><br> Wildwood Crest Historical Museum </a> <a href="#National_Marbles_Hall_of_Fame"><br> National Marbles Hall of Fame</a><br> <a href="#Wildwood_Historical_Society">Wildwood Historical Society And George F. Boyer Museum</a><a href="#Sunset_Lake"><br> Sunset Lake, Turtle Gut Park and Memorial</a></p> </td> <td> <p>NEARBY ATTRACTIONS<br> <br> <a href="#Atlantic_City_Casinos">Atlantic City Casinos</a><a href="#Wetlands_Institute"><br> Wetlands Institute</a><br> <a href="#Cape_May_County_Park_and_Zoo">Cape May County Park And Zoo</a><a href="#Victorian_Cape_May"><br> Victorian Cape May</a><a href="#Historic_Cold_Spring_Village"><br> Historic Cold Spring Village</a><a href="#Cape_May_Bird_Observatory"><br> Cape May Bird Observatory</a><a href="#Leamings_Run_Gardens"><br> Leamings Run Gardens</a></p> </td> </tr> </table> <p>LOCAL ATTRACTIONS<br> <br> <a name="Boardwalk">Boardwalk</a>: &nbsp;This world famous boardwalk is recognized as one of the finest in the country. It has more rides and family entertainment than Disneyland. It&#39;s 38 blocks long filled with games, well over 100 rides plus 30 kiddie rides, 7 world class roller coasters, 3 water parks with heated water that include children&#39;s wet play areas and the most awesome array of speed slides and gentle tube rides. There are arcades, clothing shops, variety stores, carnival games and a whole lot more. It now features family fun nights on Thursdays, Friday night fireworks and Irish Piper Brigades on Mondays in North Wildwood.<br> <br> <a name="Beach">Beach</a> - Free, safe with life guards from Memorial Day through Labor Day from 10am to 5pm in North Wildwood and until 5:30pm in Wildwood and Wildwood Crest. The beaches are raked and cleaned every day. Our beaches are big, wide and you&#39;ll never feel squeezed or crowded on North Wildwood&#39;s pristine beach.<br> <br> <a name="Bicycling">Bicycling</a> is permitted on the boardwalk weekdays until 11am and until 10:30am on weekends. Plus there are several bike paths from Rambler Road to Cresse Ave. along the beach and in North Wildwood. Another great place to bicycle is at the Cape May County Park And Zoo ( see below).<br> <br> <a name="Cool_Scoops_Ice_Cream_Parlor">Cool Scoops Ice Cream Parlor</a>, Take a trip down Memory Lane to the good old days of The 1950&#39;s.&nbsp; Relive those happy days of the Doo Wop era.&nbsp; Watch it come to life while you dine in an original car booth, watch vintage T.V., hear great music from their Rockola juke box, and reminisce with their 1950&#39;s antiques displayed on the walls or take a picture with a full size ELVIS. <a href="http://www.coolscoops.com">www.coolscoops.com</a><br> <br> <a name="Casba_Comedy_Club">Casba Comedy Club</a>, Spicer &amp; Atlantic Avenue, 609-522-8444. Marking their 41st year presenting Las Vegas style entertainment, and their 18th year in comedy. The club is rated as one of the top ten longest running comedy clubs in America. Dom Irerra, Paul Venier, &quot;the hypnotist&quot; and Angel Salazar are just a few of the head liners. Get a discount tickets from the Florentine&#39;s front office.<br> <br> <a name="Silver_Bullet">Silver Bullet</a>, the world&#39;s largest and fastest speedboat, is a shiny 70 foot long ocean going projectile. Custom designed for the wildest ride in The Wildwoods...yet great for the whole family.<br> <br> See whales and dolphins.&nbsp; <a href="http://www.silverbullettours.com"> www.silverbullettours.com</a><br> <br> <br> HISTORIC &amp; CULTURAL ATTRACTIONS<br> <br> <a name="Hereford_Inlet">Hereford Inlet</a> Lighthouse and Coast Guard Tower, 1st and Central Ave., North Wildwood.<br> It&#39;s a restored 1874 lighthouse, with a 49 foot tower and a beacon visible for over 13 miles;<br> open daily. 609-522-4520.<br> <br> <a name="DOO_WOP_Preservation_League">DOO WOP Preservation League</a> dedicated to sharing the island&#39;s mid-century (the 50&#39;s)<br> architectural treasures. 609-523-2400<br> <br> <a name="Wildwood_Historical_Society">Wildwood Historical Society</a> and George F. Boyer Museum in the Holly Beach Station Mall on<br> Pacific Ave, Wildwood. The first settlers of the area now known as the Wildwoods were the<br> Lenni Lenape Indians who summered on the Jersey Cape. In the 1700&#39;s they were joined by<br> fishermen and mainland farmers who grazed cattle and horses on the Island.<br> (Donation requested) 609-523-0277.<br> <br> <a name="National_Marbles_Hall_of_Fame">National Marbles Hall of Fame</a>, 3907 Pacific Ave, Wildwood. Learn about the sport of marbles. The Marbles National Championship is held every year for 75 years on the Wildwood Beaches with special rinks built into the sand. (Donation requested) 609-523-0277.<br> <br> <a name="Wildwood_Crest_Historical_Museum">Wildwood Crest Historical Museum</a> at 5800 Ocean Ave., Crest pier, bldg #3, Wildwood Crest. 609-729-4515.<br> <br> <a name="Sunset_Lake">Sunset Lake</a>, Turtle Gut Park and Memorial. The site of the only battle of the American Revolution fought in Cape May County. New Jersey Ave. and Miami Ave, Wildwood Crest. 609-522-0221<br> <br> NEARBY ATTRACTIONS<br> <br> <a name="Atlantic_City_Casinos">Atlantic City Casinos</a> is the east coasts entertainment and gambling Mecca. Buses will pick you up and return you to the front of the Florentine Family Motel. If you prefer to drive, it&#39;s only 40 miles away.<br> <br> <a name="Wetlands_Institute">Wetlands Institute</a>, 1075 Stone Harbor Blvd., Stone Harbor, 609-368-1211. The Institute has a salt marsh trail, Observation tower, deck and pier, an aquarium, touch tank and displays. You can see an Osprey family on live TV, and have guided bird walks, summer nature classes for kids and more.<br> <br> <a name="Cape_May_County_Park_and_Zoo">Cape May County Park and Zoo</a>, Route 9, North Swainton, 609-465-5871. The 128 Acre Cape May Park offers a wide range of recreational activities including a variety of sports, fishing, hiking, bike riding, picnicking, children&#39;s playground, and more. The zoo portion is home to over 170 species of wildlife including a bird atrium, and reptile house. The relaxed park setting houses tigers, giraffes, lions, bears, monkeys, zebra, buffalo, deer and more in a natural setting.<br> <br> <a name="Victorian_Cape_May">Victorian Cape May</a> provides a picturesque 19th Century ambiance including America&#39;s largest collection of authentically restored and preserved Victorian homes. There are over 600 of these elegantly decorated homes lining Cape May&#39;s gas lit streets. An attractive pedestrian mall lined with eateries, pubs, unique shops, and several antique stores is a great place to stroll with loved ones or friends.<br> <br> <a name="Historic_Cold_Spring_Village">Historic Cold Spring Village</a> 720 route 9, Cape May, 609-898-2300. The village is a 19th century living history museum located only 7 miles from the Wildwoods. Come and spend a few hours or the day with the villagers and experience the sight and sound of yesteryear. They will enlighten you about the lifestyle of Cape May County&#39;s 18th century settlers. The Village is dedicated to preserve the crafts, trades, lifestyles and architecture of a small South Jersey rural community of 150 years ago. Weekday activities include storytelling, folk art classes, children&#39;s crafts, and visiting craftspeople.<br> <br> <a name="Cape_May_Bird_Observatory">Cape May Bird Observatory</a>, 600 rte. 47, Cape May Court House, 609-861-0700. For 2 centuries Cape May has been the location for observing birds in North America and favored by celebrated naturalist like John Audubon. More than 400 species have been seen on the peninsula during fall migrations. There are nature shops, walks that include birds of the seashore, sunset birding, butterfly walks, birding hot spots, and wildflower walks.<br> <br> <a name="Leamings_Run_Gardens">Leamings Run Gardens</a>. 1845 Route 9, North Swainton, 609-465-5871. It has over 30 acres of beautiful flowers, ferns, lawns and ponds which makes it the largest annual garden in the United States. It has been featured in Architectural Digest and selected as one of the top twenty gardens in America. The gardens are especially nice in August when hundreds of Hummingbirds are attracted to its colorful flowers.</p> </body>